Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Daisy Jane is open on Front Street!

Wow, have things been happening fast!  We closed the Union Street location, just after Memorial Day weekend, in anticipation of the big move to Front Street.  It seems like we have been on a dead run, getting everything painted, cleaned, set-up and ready to go.  The doors were opened last week!   Daisy Jane's new  location at 203 E Front is turning out to be absolutely beautiful.  The old tin ceiling and the beautiful, original wood floor gives our store have such a warm, welcoming ambiance.  We have carried through the funky decor style we had at Union St., using the old doors and lots of antique doorknobs for display,  We have had such a wonderful response from everyone coming in.  I have been happy that former customers have been finding us - that's always a risk with a move.  They all love the space, the selection of clothing, jewelry and accessories.