Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Leland Blue stone, Petoskey stone and beachglass necklace

Rock hounds have been collecting their treasures along the Lake Michigan shoreline for years.  During our summer camping trips, my family would always take to the beaches searching for Petoskey stones.  This state stone of Michigan has the distinct pattern of fossilized coral and has been smoothed by thousands of years.  The pattern is most easily seen when the stones are wet or polished.  A more recent product of the lake, is the Leland Blue stone.  Deposits of slag from smelting plants are found on the Lake Michigan beaches near Leland.  This glass mixed with chemicals is found in varying shades of blue, green and purple. 

Susan Nelson has been making jewelry using Petoskey stones, Leland Blue stones and beach glass. Each of her stones is hand-cut and shaped. We love the "tri" necklace which uses all three of these. We also have the simple Leland Blue with pearl necklace.  We are so lucky to have her handmade creations available in our store! 
Leland Blue stone, Petoskey stone, beachglass jewelry online