Saturday, February 23, 2013

Looking to spring!

Just back from the apparel and accessory markets in Las Vegas and excited for the new goods to start arriving.  Here is a things come in and they get added to the website - we'll add the links!

New spring and summer capris from Second Yoga jeans.  Love, love, love the pebble color!

Our always popular wrap belts from Ada...Lots of great, fun colors on the way...

Just can't get enough of Rebel Designs - this is great, edgy jewelry.  There is alot in the store right now, and a big order to replenish!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Nally & Millie Spring 2013

New Nally & Millie for spring of 2013 is starting to arrive.  After all this cold and snow we've been having - it will be more than a welcome look ahead!

Nally & Millie reversible skirt - buy online at Daisy Jane

Nally & Millie reversible skirt - daisy print - online at Daisy Jane